S&P 500 Historical Data

You can Download S&P 500 Historical Data from this yahoo finance site - all daily, weekly, monthly data from 1950 onwards..



PS - If you are having any problems downloading data leave a comment. I will upload the excel file.

S&P 500 Intraday Candlesticks chart

This is the intraday chart for S&P 500 index (spot). It also has slow stochastics and rsi included as part of the chart. The chart does not auto refresh itself. One has to either refresh it each time one wants to see updated prices or use a add on autorefresh in firefox browser.

There is also both the 20 minute and the 50 min ema line marked on it. I will do a post later as to why these lines are so very important. The added advantage of using this chart is that for the figures of rsi and stochastics is starts off where is left off yesterday, so that there is continuity in the prices (since both oscillators require atleast 14 periods before current to generate meaningful values).

S&P 500 Weekly Chart All Time

This is the S&P's all time Weekly chart. Awesome graph, gives one perspective of all the major market moves over the past half century. Notice how the market was mostly flattish (with decent bull & bear markets) between 1966 and 82. After a 16-17 year long consolidation in a broad range markets broke out and then rallied non stop for next 17-19 years till the 1999-01 boom bust. Are we having the next 17 years of broad consolidation in the s&p 500?